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A question our top stylists often receive is, “Why am I working with your associate or assistant?” While it may seem like you are getting less face time with your stylist, I can assure you, we only have you and your satisfaction in mind.

Here are some ways this system benefits you.

Associate Vs. Assistant

First, let’s clarify what the difference is between an Associate and an Assistant at Blu Salon.

An Assistant is someone who is helping the team as a whole, and is not assigned to work with a specific Stylist. He or she may not yet be licensed and could still be in school, so they are not authorized to do much with clients. They do attend classes and have growth potential, but are not yet hands on with guests at Blu Salon. But in the future, that Assistant could become a Stylist and have a chair of their own!

An Associate is a licensed professional who has received  their “Bachelors” in Cosmetology, who is training with a leader within the company to earn a “Masters” degree. They are working with their assigned leader to bring you an exceptional experience, and a quicker time in the salon. They may help their leading Stylist with washes, blow-outs, or color services.

How Does This Benefit You?

Woman having eye makeup done by salon technician

Double the Knowledge

A lot of people may be surprised to hear this, but working with your Stylist and an Associate benefits the customer more than anything else. Because you are being styled by two experienced salon professionals, you are receiving the combined knowledge of two people aiming to give you the best experience possible.

Four hands are better than two, and with that additional skill you are sure to leave Blu Salon a satisfied customer.

A More Relaxed Stylist

Making sure our clients leave us happy can sometimes be a stressful job. And because we are all human, mistakes tend to happen if we feel overwhelmed. That’s why working as a team is a huge benefit to you, as well as your preferred Stylist. Having an Associate who cares as much about the guests as the Stylist allows Stylists to relax a bit and work more efficiently than if they were on their own. This eliminates room for error and guarantees you’ll leave Blu Salon knowing that people are going to be complimenting your new style for weeks. (Or until your next visit!)

Smiling woman having her hair curled by stylist

How Does It Work When I leave?


When you’re leaving our salon, you may wonder if you’re required to tip an Associate the way you’d tip your Stylist. Don’t worry, nothing changes for you. Please, only tip your stylist. Then, he or she will tip Associates upon reaching their weekly performance goals.


When scheduling future appointments, you only need worry about scheduling with your regular Stylist. They will make the call on if the Associate will work with you again in the future.

It works the same when scheduling online, as well. Just schedule with your preferred Stylist – we’ll handle the rest!


By: Megan Ingenbrandt