Woman in hat in hammock on beach

Hey ladies and gentlemen, now that beaches and pools seem to be opening up and the summer heat has officially hit! (Your girl is sweating, it’s no joke) I wanted to dive in to summer hair care tips. I love summer… until about mid-July to early August when I have hit my heat quota for the year and go into full Halloween mode.

**Disclaimer** I thrive in the spooky season, but that is a tale for another day!

SO, back to the point! Summer is great, but the heat, sun, beaches, and pools can be TOUGH on your lovely locks. That’s where we come in, as professionals we are here for you! But don’t wait until your hair looks like it just came out of the fryer. Help us to help you by trying some of these simple tips to keep your hair as luscious as possible during these next few months.

Tip #1 Please, please, PUHLEASE treat your hair with a moisturizing and protective product like AG Conditioning Mist before you get in the pool, ocean, lake, river, or any body of water for that matter! Some of us could probably treat our hair before we get in the shower! (I kid, I kid, but really that hard water is no joke! It’s all about the water softeners ladies)

Tip #2 After you have used the AG Conditioning Mist, try braiding your neatly brushed hair before you get in the water, this will help prevent all those nasty knots. The struggle of brushing your hair after three rounds of chicken in the pool is not fun. Trust me, I’ve been there! When I see someone jump in the water with their hair in a bun I literally cringe! Do yourself and your stylist a favor and braid your dang hair please!

Tip #3 Last but not least, HYDRATE! Yes you can use a hydrating mask on your hair after a day at the pool or beach, but that’s not what I’m talking about. DRINK YOUR WATER!! It is seriously incredible what something so simple as drinking water can do for your entire body, not just your hair. It will help maintain the hydration of your hair from the inside out, while also giving all the products you’re using to protect your hair the extra boost they need to work to their fullest potential.

So there it is guys! Three fairly simple and not super costly ways to protect your hair throughout the summer. Remember this is our profession, but more importantly this is our passion. We want you to walk around ALL the time with great hair, not just when you walk out of the salon. Try these tips out this summer and stay tuned for more tips and tricks to keep that great hair going long after your reservation with one of our amazing ladies!