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Being a stylist is different from other careers. Once you finish your Bachelor’s degree in most fields, you aren’t often required to do much else. That isn’t true for the trades, especially for hairdressers and stylists. In fact, if your stylist didn’t continue her education after graduation, we’d all be walking around with 80’s perms and frosty highlights! That may have been a great look 30 years ago, but today… not so much.

Being a Stylist isn’t as easy as it looks, and you aren’t done learning just because you got your diploma. Here’s why a great stylist is always learning throughout his or her career.

To Build On The Basics

When you graduate from any cosmetology school, you’re only leaving with the basics. Salon Professionals need to advance to grow with your clientele and stand up against the competition. You need to build on the foundation that your teachers lay out for you. How embarrassing would it be for a client to ask you for a service, and you have to tell them you don’t know how to do that? Not only would you lose out on a client, you’d inevitably lose your job.

So how do you continue that education? You embrace learning opportunities! Instead of trying to hit the ground running after graduation, many opt to become an Associate to an already-established Stylist in their area. They are working with their assigned leader to bring guests an exceptional experience, and a quicker time in the salon. They continue their education by helping their leading Stylist with washes, blow-outs, and color services.

student standing with instructor

techique being done on dummy head

To Keep Up With Current Trends

If you don’t want to get stagnant in your career, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in cosmetology. You never know what a client is going to come in and ask for, so salon professionals need to be ready for anything they throw at you on any given day.

To Maintain A Status As The Best

If you want to be the best, you can’t stop when you think you’ve hit the top. That’s why education is one of the most important assets your stylist receives at Blu Salon. Each month, you can be sure that your hairdresser has attended a seminar or class detailing the latest trends and procedures in cosmetology today. We’re proud to make the time to ensure each Blu employee is on the cutting edge of the latest trends and styles. In fact, here’s a photo of our Associate Alyssa, learning a new balayage technique from top stylist, Becky Warriner:

Being a stylist is the only job in the world where people tell you how much they love you, and what amazing work you do. So help us test the limits of our imagination and book an appointment with Blu today!

By: Megan Ingenbrandt