Let’s be honest, would you spend $5 to change the oil on a $300,000 Lamborghini? Is that even a question? Of course you wouldn’t! So why would you use a $3 bottle of shampoo on your beautiful hair that just cost you nearly $200 to have done in the salon? Something to think about, right?

At home care is equally as important as the time you spend in the salon when it comes to you hair. The products you put on your hair, are making your hair what it is!

Check this out…
Our incredibly talented stylist, Rachael, created this incredible flaming hot hair on her beautiful client.

Woman with vibrant red hair

When she left, Rachael sent her home with BIOLAGE COLOR LAST SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. She knew that this product would help the vibrant hues last until the next visit.

And here she is four weeks later…

Woman with vibrant red hair and beach waves

I think this speaks for itself.

As a stylist, I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times a client has said, “my hair doesn’t look like this when I do it at home” or “I don’t want to spend the money on that color just for it to fade in 2 weeks.” We have the answer, and we always have! It’s all in the products you are using at home.

Your stylist is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to proper upkeep of your style. All you have to do is ask and listen to their recommendations. When your stylist suggests a product for you, we have a good reason to. Products can make or break a style. They maintain the integrity of your hair and can help prolong color services. This also allows us to problem solve. When  I know exactly what you’ve been putting on your hair, I can more easily help you if there’s a problem!

Everything we do at Blu and what your stylist recommends is in the best interest of your hair. We aren’t sales people, we are your hair’s best friend!

So next time you’re sitting in my chair, ask: “What products should I use to keep my hair looking like I just left Blu: A Salon Company?”

By: Julia Harder